My real name is João Paulo Monteiro and I live in the city of Porto, in the North of Portugal. I am a lawyer and work on a local  council. Some biographical notes can be found here.

This page however belongs to Ângelo Novo, an entirely different character with a life of his own. Ângelo Novo is a poet and a revolutionary, by that order. It was in the development of his poetic language that he came accross and stood by revolutionary theory and practice. For him, poetry and revolution tend to be synonimous. Ângelo Novo is a communist. He belongs to a band of fugitives who have remained loyal to a disbanded army, always keeping their high ambitions nonetheless. "We have taken refuge in caverns on the high mountains and we have studied a plan to hold on. For the time being, we will not seek to descend and face the enemy on a frontal counter-attack. But, in agreement with other figitive tribes, nearby and far away, we are determined, at whatever cost, to wait for our hour to come." (Sakai Toshihito, Editorial nº 1 of "Shin Shakai" - New Society - , Tokyo, 1915).

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